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C5 Petroleum Resin

C5 Hydrocarbon Resins are special resins for holt melt road marking paints,which can enhance the tenacity.rigidity and adhesive force of dope and form smooth paint surface also ensure the stable state of the resin in the four seasons by adding anxiliary agent.and have a better mixing with rosin.In the mixing of top-grade paint.it can form such features as water-proof.anti-ultraviolet radiation.anti-chemicals.and improve the brightness and dryness of the surface.

C5 Petroleum Resin with the grades of HCR-R5100 and HCR-R5101 are two brand-new high class refined C5 Aliphatic  Hydrocarbon Resins designed specially as a bonder to meet the technical requirements for hot melt road marking paint in Asian and American Markets.These petroleum resins offer good dispersion of fillers and pigments and also show excellent flow properties in Thermoplastic Road Marking Paint Systems.


Performance of the HCR-R5100 and HCR-R5101 

Light color
Good fluidity
Good heat stability
High drying rate
Even distribution of filler material without settling
High abrasion performance
Other performances criteria such as weather fastness, strong smudge resistance and affinity for pigments are also excellent.

Specifications of the products

 Items                                  HCR-R5100                  HCR-R5101       
 Appearance (eyeballing)      yellowish granule      yellowish granule
 Softening Point (R&B)   100±5   101±4
 Color No. (50% Toluene)Ga.    5.0 Max     5.0 Max
 Acid Value(mgKOH/g)    1.5 Max     2.5 Max
 Ash Content(wt%)     0.10 Max      0.10 Max
 Melt Viscosity(200℃)Cps      250 Max       250 Max




Recommended Fields
Thermoplastic Road Marking Paint, Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

Usage Road marking paint: It can improve on the brightness, bonding, water and weather-resistance and may perfection for the dispersing and drying of any pigments.

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